WordPress Security Plugins

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October 20, 2017
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Wordpress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins

Don’t leave it to chance.. protect your wordpress website from getting hacked today.

If you have a WordPress Maintenance package with WP Manager – then you can rest assured your website is already safe guarded with the latest firewalls and security for protection, as well as the best wordpress security plugins – Phew!

If you don’t, then you need to at least ensure you have a security plugin installed on your website and your hosting has a good firewall for good measure!

Why it matters:

41% of WordPress Sites get hacked due to unstable Hosting or PC Malware.
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51% of WordPress Sites are hacked through Plugins and Themes, from unstable releases, conflicts, loop holes and vulnerabilities (Read our post here on why keeping your Plugins and Themes up to date is so important for security)

8% is down to weak passwords! 

What can I do to safe guard and protect my website?

Here are some things to put on your checklist in order to help secure your wordpress website from attack

1. Ensure you regularly back up your website

2. Choose a secure password made up of numbers and characters – something not easily guessable!

3. Install a plugin to hide your WP admin (such as Protect your Admin) – change the url to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of malicious spam attacks

4. Ensure your Hosting service has appropriate protection and firewalls in place.

5. Install a wordpress security plugin


Top WordPress Security Plugins – Tested by WP Manager



To start with – both Wordfence and Sucuri are top rated products and extremely popular options. Both offer free and paid extensions and these differ, so in most cases it is best to compare and look through the full specs of each through their individual websites.

  • Wordfence has a powerful application-side malware detection and scanning function.
  • Live traffic auditing options
  • A firewall to block spam attacks and common security threats
  • An extremely useful comparison tool when checking for vulnerabilities and changes in files.
  • The option to revert to previous file versions if changes that could be malicious have been made to files.


Sucuri Plugin

  • Automated options for quick set-up on security
  • Shows indepth knowledge on changes to files through your core framework and allows restore
  • Logs activity of all changes on site from change of a logo to a file so you can monitor risks
  • Remote scanning by SiteCheck – so you can check the status of your website and if it has been hacked
  • Live traffic auditing options

These are just some of the core features available from both plugins but they do vary, so to be sure you choose the one that suits you best, check out the full list of features on each website.



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  1. Danial Wilson says:

    I would like to suggest one plugin related to security which is User Blocker – WordPress Plugin. This is a free WordPress security plugin that provides the ability to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly. It has several features such as block user, role based block user, customizable message, etc.

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