Our Story

How it all began…


Passionate about what we do.

Our Founder was unexpectedly made redundant from his senior role in a global firm. He lost his job for financial reasons out of his control. However, at the time, he was in debt, had no funding, support or resources. Just a relentless drive and £7.63 to his name.. 

Controversially, he took a risk and ignored all the sensible advice about getting another job, left his flat, sold his possessions and decided to launch a startup idea that he was passionate about. Helping people by solving WordPress problems. That’s our cornerstone. Thankfully, it all worked out.


Your problem solvers.

Ever since, we’ve been helping site owners secure and grow their websites, working as your friendly, designated WordPress Manager.

Together, our team has worked on a number of projects from small business websites to global brands, but we’ve always noticed a pattern emerge over the years. Regardless of company size, clients told us  how they struggled to find the time to update and maintain their sites. 

The majority of businesses and site owners don’t have the technical knowledge or time to make sure their site is updated, secure and actually performing at it’s best. That’s where we save the day. 


Mission Driven.

Great values, super service.

You’ll benefit from an expert team of developers, based in the UK. Working with someone who really knows your business. WP Manager® only take on a certain amount of customers each year to focus on providing 1st class Support. It’s that focus on a quality service that sets us apart from competitors. Our responsibility to help others doesn’t end with our support services though. Read about The Mission today and discover the impact we have on our local and global environment.

The WP Manager® Team


Super-geek, coder, WordPress Wizard and general problem solver. Passionate about technology and helping others.


Designer, coder, mother and fashion innovator. Her wide range of skills help create amazing customer experiences.


Highly experienced with a background in hosting, maintenance, development and technical support. Tottenham Hotspur fan and family man


Artist, designer and developer. Bridget prides herself on building original, creative WordPress designs.


Web Designer, Developer and WordPress Support Technician. Emz also enjoys snowboarding, cooking and escape rooms.


Advanced Development Professional. Typically found under the bonnet of a WordPress application, up to his elbows in code.


A highly experienced developer. Skilled at backend WordPress development - plugins, theme development - you name it.


Security Pooch.
Hater of cats.
Lover of food.

Our monthly maintenance report, straight into your inbox.

Every month you will receive a report containing details of the updates, optimisation, tasks and maintenance carried out on your website. Reports can also contain analytics, SEO keyword ranking, security scan status, broken links and much much more.

Interested? Check out a sample PDF report by clicking the preview button.

WP Manager Website Care Report

How it works

WPmanager Giving Back  WPManager Charity Tree Planting

We are trying to give back to mother nature by planting trees and offsetting our CO2 emissions.

WordPress Support

Our Mission

To help grow your business by managing and optimising your website.

But we don't just provide peace of mind to our clients and partners, we also give back to our local and global community.

Say Goodbye to WordPress headaches.

Service you can count on, from a team you can trust. Find out why dozens of WordPress sites and WooCommerce owners rely on us.

What they are saying...

Hundreds of WordPress sites and WooCommerce owners rely on us

"WP Manager maintain our website for us, handling any maintenance, security and optimisation. They are professional, helpful and in my opinion the best in the biz."

Ancienne Ambiance - www.ancienneambiance.com

"WP Manager is amazing. We're so pleased with the service and are blessed to have found them. They handle and maintain our complex website and create things for us."

Kim Shotola - www.thelightfootway.com

"Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. We never have to worry about our websites. Of course we sometimes have problems but when you have a team of professionals like WP Manager to turn to, you really don't need to worry. Quick and efficient responses and solutions make the service invaluable to us. We can concentrate on our business and rest assured that WP Manager has our back. WP Manager do not just solve problems, they are proactive in making our website better. Better speed, better content and better SEO."

Chris, baxbotanics.com

"Jason and the team have been worth every penny of the monthly support fee. When issues arise with my website, their response time is rapid, and the faults are rectified quickly.

They also do the annoying regular maintenance like updates, and keep back-up copies of the site. It's all very reassuring, and this service helps to keep my stress levels low when issues arise."

Susannah Davda - The Shoe Consultant Ltd

"I have been working with WP Manager for several months and they have made an incredible difference to my company. They are really friendly, knowlegeable and excellent at what they do. They have taken all the stress of day to day website management away, allowing me to concentrate on my main work and have become an invaluable part of my team. A pleasure to work with, they have saved me time and money and I cannot recommend them enough!"

Bridget Tann - bridgetdesigns.co.uk

"Such a great service! After a year of building and maintaining our company website, I ran into a problem that was beyond my skills, and they have been a complete sanity-saver. Friendly, helpful service, speedy response times and easy-to-understand information at every stage of the way. As well as being very relieved to get everything back on track, it's also been reassuring to find a company we can turn to if we have problems (or just need advice) again in the future."

Kirsty Neale - visabase.co.uk

"WP manager have helped us through the difficult 'birth' of our new website and I cannot thank them enough. Whilst others ummed and aarghed or tried to pull the wool over our eyes WP manager gave us clear advice and practical help culminating in a very successful launch.They continue to manage the site, keeping it right up to date, safe and backed up, whilst helping us improve it every month. Their response times are fast, their service super friendly and efficient leaving me to run our business without website worries."

Chris Bax - tastethewild.co.uk

Our Clients & Partners

Let our friendly team protect and optimise your WordPress site.