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Frequently Asked Questions

1How does the 7 day free trial work?
Signup, enter your details. No payments will be taken during the first 7 days. During the 7 day free trial, we will carry out a website audit for you - free of charge. As part of the free website audit, we will review security aspects, speed and any performance issues that we find, this will be delivered to you in an easy to read, simple to understand PDF report. No obligations, costs or charges involved.
2Can I cancel during the free trial period? Are there any costs?
Yes, you can cancel anytime. No costs, obligations or hidden charges. If we find that your website is not right for our service or that we don't feel our site care plans will be suitable, we will advise you of this during the trial stage and you are free to cancel - no costs, obligations or charges involved - we will simply cancel the trial for you before the susbcription begins. Same goes for if you decide our service or website care plans are not for you during the trial period - no hassle or hidden charges, we'll simply cancel the service for you before the subscription / billing period starts, so you won't be charged a penny.
3What happens at the end of the initial trial / 7 day onboarding?
During the first stage, we will contact you and carry out an initial website audit and review for you - free of charge. We'll then send that to you and if you want to arrange a phone call or zoom meeting, we will also arrange this with you too, for us to discuss any concerns, queries, problems or areas you would like us to fix and investigate for you. If you're happy with our service and want to proceed beyond the trial - great! No need to do anything, we'll get things rolling for you and ensure you are all setup on our systems. If you're not sure we're the right service for you or want to cancel - no problem, we can simply cancel the susbcription before the 7 days trial ends - no costs, hassle or obligations.
4I need help now, how do I get started?
Simply choose a support plan and send us your details. We'll be in touch quickly, usually within 30 minutes. You can then send us a request by our dedicated support system at any time - 24/7.
5What types of tasks can you do for me?
We can fix plugin conflicts, bugs, and technical glitches that can often occur when having multiple plugins on your website. Additionally, we can implement a security plugin, carry out security monitoring, malware removal (essentials + managed plan), provide security advice, update plugins, theme (if a child theme is in place) and WordPress, reset user passwords, provide emergency support for hosting issues (if hosted with us), fix broken contact forms, fixing media upload errors, re-installing WordPress, restoring a backup, fixing configuration files, fixing plugin errors, fixing connectivity issues, timeouts, conflict debugging, provide advice on specific plugins, upload, activate or setup a specific plugin upon your request. Generally, any issue that is related to maintenance, WordPress, or if your plan covers WooCommerce Support - WooCommerce related. For websites that are hosted with us, we can carry out a range of additional hosting-related tasks - such as updating PHP version, enabling or disabling PHP variables, and much more. Please note: Website re-designs, speed optimisation, landing page design, custom plugin development, PHP implementation, and custom theme development are not included as part of this support service.
6Can you do "a specific task" for me?
We have some examples of maintenance tasks above, but if you are still not sure whether we can take on a specific task, just ask us. We'll quickly get back to you on whether it's something that is in the scope of our support service. If it's not, we'll advise you on an alternative solution.
7What experience do you have?
Our team has been working with WordPress for a long time. Before deciding to focus exclusively on WordPress support, we built hundreds of websites, apps and e-commerce stores over the course of the last 15 years. We’ve built our own themes and plugins from scratch and know WordPress inside and out. Additionally, when it comes to WordPress security, Malware Removal, Cyber Security and Hosting - we pride ourselves on our background, siills and experience. All of our team have experience in those files or are studying towards cyber security certification on some level.
8I'm interested but have a few more questions. Who can help me?
Simply contact us by email and we’ll be happy to talk with you about any questions or queries you may have.
9What is your response time?
You can expect quick responses from our support team. We work very hard to ensure your support tasks are completed quickly, when you log a ticket or task with us, we always aim to get back to you with a response within 24 hours maximum - Monday to Friday. General queries, tasks, and tickets are dealt with Monday - Friday. For any urgent requests (site down / hacked etc) you can register an SOS/ urgent ticket at any time - even at the weekend and we'll get back to you ASAP as we have dedicated 24/7 cover for these kinds of urgent scenarios.
10Are there any extra fees?
No! We don't have any sign-up fees or other hidden charges. The only price you pay is the price of your monthly subscription support plan. Our pricing is clear and simple. Prices are monthly and exclude VAT.
11What information will you need from me?
In order to get started, we'll need your WordPress Admin details and FTP details. You can either send us your current login details or create a new user for us to help maintain your WordPress site. Many people choose to create another admin user for us - e.g - usernamehere6366. We will guide you through the whole process. It usually takes about 2 hours to have registered and be receiving full professional wordpress support with WP Manager.
12Why should I trust you to maintain my WordPress site?
We love WordPress and have years of experience working in it. From themes and plugins to general WordPress maintenance. We really value our customers, your trust is important to us and so is our reputation. Although our team also has experience in other technologies and areas such as cyber security, hosting and development, it's our WordPress expertise that will really provide you value and that's what sets us apart from general maintenance, web design and I.T companies. What sets us apart from most other providers is our experience in security and hosting specifically. All of our team are qualified or working towards cyber security certifications as standard.
13Do you support multiple sites?
Yes! You can save greatly with our multi-site care plans, get in touch for more info. Some of our clients have 1 website with us, others two or three, agencies and larger companies have sometimes upto 20, 30, 50 websites with us for example. Obviously, the more sites you have with us, the greater the discount available as shown on our packages.
14What happens if I want to leave. How do I cancel? Are there any fees?
You can cancel your subscription at any time without any costs, provided you notify us before the next billing date by emailing us or submitting a ticket through our dedicated channels. Your service will continue until the end of the current billing period, but no service fees will be refunded for the current billing period. All we ask for is sufficient and reasonable notice. As long as you do that before your next billing/card payment date, we will process the cancellation asap and you will not incur any future charges or cancellation fees.
15What happens if I need a task completed that is outside the scope of my maintenance plan?
If you need any extra work done outside the scope of the support plans we provide, we can sometimes provide you a quote for extra ad-hoc work under our WordPress tweaks service. Customers can request a quote for extra ad-hoc development work with us at a discounted rate if they have an active site care plan in place. Simply provide us any relevant information on what changes you may need and we'll get back to you asap.
16How much can you do in terms of the support service and with maintenance tasks?
Probably a lot more than you may think. Our maintenance tasks mean you can have a plugin installed, basic setup completed, malware scans carried out, malware removed, settings amended and various technical changes to help your website run smoothly. The level of cover we can provide varies depending on the plan you have in place with us. For customers on a plan that includes de-bugging, we test and provide support for bugs - helping resolve any bugs, conflicts, or issues when they arise. Third-party liaison is included in our managed site care plan, which means we would communicate with your host if a plugin is causing issues with your hosting, the same goes for things like liaising with third-party plugin developers, we can support you there and be the technical middleman. We keep a record of tickets and tasks carried out, including how much time we use so we can tell you accurately if we think we may need more than your packages usually allows. For customers on a site care plan that includes WooCommerce support - we can help advise on specific settings, add plugins, set up plugins, help advise on certain WooCommerce specific settings. Fix common WooCommerce bugs, such as customers not receiving your order emails and much more! Having a website care plan in place means that your website is less likely to contain vulnerabilities and it's more likely to be safe, secure, and run smoothly. Sometimes, bugs and glitches can still happen and you may need technical help or support to resolve an issue - that's where we come in and can provide you with peace of mind.
17Can you host my website?
If you're looking for WordPress hosting in addition to your maintenance plan, we offer our members FREE LiteSpeed hosting on our servers for our essentials, managed & site monitor plan customers. We provide our customers with WordPress & WooCommerce specialist hosting on our servers, featuring an advanced LiteSpeed caching feature (massively faster than most standard hosting companies) and industry-leading security, firewall, and malware scanning. It's optional however, you don't need to be hosting with us for us to maintain your website. We can work with whichever host you are with, or add your website to our servers free of charge if you would prefer.
18Do you offer content edits? Or is any development time included in the website care plans?
We do not offer content edits (changing text, imagery, layouts, etc on posts and pages) on our standard site care plans (site monitor, essentials, managed) but we do cover this on our VIP plans or custom plans. Get in touch with us if you'd like more information on our VIP plan or content edits in general. If you are a customer on a standard website care plan with us, you may however request ad-hoc work or content edits and we can provide you with a quote to carry out the work as part of our tweaks service. With regards to development, we do not include development, design, or development hours included in the plan. We are experts in maintenance, hosting, and security and that's the service we focus on providing our clients via the website care packages. If you would like some extra development work done, we may be able to provide a quotation for the work and carry this out under our tweaks service - but this is done on a case-by-case basis.
19What if my site has already been hacked?
The first step is to register your site with us on a site care plan. We can then evaluate the malware urgently and remove this for you under the site care plan. Alternatively, we can provide you with a one-time malware removal quote if you prefer, just simply contact us asap to get started.
20What kind of things can you do with regards to WooCommerce Support?
For plans that include WooCommerce support, we can provide support for any WooCommerce related issues. Here are some examples: updating some settings upon request, installing or setting up a WooCommerce plugin or add-on, adjusting WooCommerce delivery settings, discount rules, etc. Debugging and resolving bugs - e.g order emails not being received by customers, liaising with third-parties to resolve bugs and issues (plugins, payment gateways, etc). Our WooCommerce support feature is there to help guide and advise you with any technical implementation or WordPress or WooCommerce related bugs. Please note: Our WooCommerce support service does not mean that we will virtually run your WooCommerce store for you - e.g. uploading products, changing product prices, adding new products, content or categories of products, bulk uploads, or CSV related imports. The purpose of the WooCommerce support is to ensure you have a technical support partner that can help advise & resolve technical bugs and glitches. We keep your website up to date and secure to help reduce the likelihood of any technical headaches that may occur.
21What kind of hosting do you offer?
Our hosting is provided on our UK-based cloud servers - featuring LiteSpeed caching. Engineered with security in mind, our Cloud Hosting options provide superfast load times and peace of mind - with built-in malware scanning. All of our websites are not on shared file space, meaning they are self-contained. This means if an issue occurs on one website on the same server, you are much less likely to suffer any adverse effects as a result. Our servers are eco-friendly and green hosted too :D We offer Cpanel, 24/7 expert support, a built-in firewall, Free migration service, Free Lets Encrypt SSL certificates, and much more resources than most shared hosting providers - meaning your website will likely be faster as well as more secure.