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WordPress Site Care Plans

Your website is unique, so choose the site care plan that best suits your requirements. Whether you just need some extra protection and site care and general WordPress Maintenance to keep your website in good shape - or need VIP support to help grow your e-commerce store, we have you covered. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel seamlessly each month. Perfect for those with growth in mind.

Safe, secure payment methods available.
No hidden charges or long term contracts. Cancel anytime.


Whilst service currently resumes as normal for us, we understand the difficulties and hardships many businesses and organisations are facing during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. That's why we have introduced 25% discount for your first month on our managed + VIP site care plans.

Charity? Save up to 45%

We offer charities and social enterprises upto 20% off our managed and VIP plan prices as standard. Charities, Non-profits and Social Enterprises can currently save up to 45% off with our additional 25% discount for the first month of your membership on selected plans.

"WP Manager maintain our website for us, handling any maintenance, security and optimisation. They are professional, helpful and in my opinion the best in the biz."

Ancienne Ambiance - www.ancienneambiance.com

"WP Manager is amazing. We're so pleased with the service and are blessed to have found them. They handle and maintain our complex website and create things for us."

Kim Shotola - www.thelightfootway.com

"WP Manager have provided a high quality service to keep our website up to date and maintained. As well as security, daily backups, plugin updates and other technical maintenance related tasks, they also carry out regular design and development tweaks for us. In terms of availability and response times, they solve issues quickly and are available 24/7 - often updating and responding to requests late at night and at weekends. The team are super friendly, helpful and possess high levels of expertise. I would highly recommend to anyone in search of a WordPress maintenance service."

Ben Parkinson - www.bluehat-teambuilding.co.uk

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