WordPress Malware Removal

Website hacked? We’ll remove the malware for you. NO FIX, NO FEE.

Cost: £189

Alternatively, sign up for an appropriate site care plan and we will clean the malware infection for a one-time charge of £35.

WordPress Malware Removal


When your website gets hacked, this can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Don’t worry. We have removed thousands of malware hacks of all kinds for a number of years. Our friendly, professional and responsive WordPress Malware Removal service will eliminate the malware for you and implement further security measures to reduce the likelihood of this happening again.

Hacked websites can suffer SEO damage, loss of reputation and lead to lost business and customers. Simply get in touch today and we’ll handle any of the technical headaches that you may be facing, rapidly.


Signs that your website may have been hacked

  • Can you no longer access wp-admin? (login page)
  • Are you seeing popups on your website?
  • Do you get 404 errors on pages and posts that weren’t there previously?
  • Have any suspicious user accounts appeared?
  • Is your website re-directing to other websites?
  • Have new pages or posts been added without your knowledge?
  • Has your website been de-faced or have bad links appeared?


How does the WordPress Malware Removal Service work?

  1. Get in touch with the details about the issues you’re experiencing.
  2. We will then be in touch to review the website and identify any malware or malicious security breaches, including a price for malware removal.
  3. A backup is then taken prior to any work. After the backup is complete, we will then remove the malware for you.
  4. Once the malware is removed, we will then additonally carry out some further security adjustments for you to prevent the likelihood of this happening again. Including a backup of the clean website after the malware has been removed.
  5. A full PDF report is delivered to you in easy to understand format, detailing the malware identified and all actions we have taken.


Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Often in less than 30 minutes.

How long will it take to fix/ remove the malware?

This really depends on the type of infection, but on average we aim for the identification, removal, adjustments and reporting to be completed all within 24 hours. Most cases, we are able to remove the malware, improve security and deliver the PDF report to you within 2-4 hours of you contacting us – sometimes even quicker!

Why should we trust you, or choose WP Manager to remove our malware?

We have removed thousands of malware infections and hacks over the last twenty years. What sets us apart is that all of our malware removal team are certified in cyber security or training with the highest industry standard certifications, this is quite uncommon – as many other providers do not have this level of expertise. This helps ensure that not only do we remove the malware effectively and efficiently, but we offer valuable security advice and implement vital security adjustments to help lower the risk of the same issues occuring again.

How much does it cost? Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. We offer free malware removal for any of our customers who are already on a site care plan, but this rarely happens for our customers because implement strict security measures, daily scanning and carry out the essential maintenance to reduce the risk of malware or website hacks from occuring.

If you’ve just been hacked, you can either choose to pay a one-time malware fee (if you don’t need expert site care, maintenance and just need a one-off fix), this costs £189 as standard.

Alternatively, if you sign up for a site care plan with us first – we will give you a discounted rate on the initial malware removal – in this scenario you would only pay the cost of the appropriate site care plan and then a one-time fee of £35 for the malware removal.

In the unlikely event we can’t remove or fix the malware issue for you (to date this has never happened), we will refund you the cost of the one-time malware fee or malware fee + plan if you signup for a site care plan first.

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What they are saying...

Hundreds of WordPress sites and WooCommerce owners rely on us

"WPManager have been excellent from start to finish. I started off by having our website managed by WPManager and later had a quote for a full rebuild. It's so refreshing to work with a company that is dedicated, understanding, reasonably priced and deliver professional results. I would recommend WPManager to anyone. A brilliant company to work with."

Dan - vantageapartments.com

"Super efficient and responsive - 5 stars!

WPManager are super efficient and responsive - which is exactly what is required to keep our website maintained and running smoothly.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

Emma - acacialearning.co.uk

"WP Manager maintain our website for us, handling any maintenance, security and optimisation. They are professional, helpful and in my opinion the best in the biz."

Ancienne Ambiance - www.ancienneambiance.com

"WP Manager is amazing. We're so pleased with the service and are blessed to have found them. They handle and maintain our complex website and create things for us."

Kim Shotola - www.thelightfootway.com

"WP Manager have provided a high quality service to keep our website up to date and maintained. As well as security, daily backups, plugin updates and other technical maintenance related tasks, they also carry out regular design and development tweaks for us. In terms of availability and response times, they solve issues quickly and are available 24/7 - often updating and responding to requests late at night and at weekends. The team are super friendly, helpful and possess high levels of expertise. I would highly recommend to anyone in search of a WordPress maintenance service."

Ben Parkinson - www.bluehat-teambuilding.co.uk

"I have been working with WP Manager for several months and they have made an incredible difference to my company. They are really friendly, knowlegeable and excellent at what they do. They have taken all the stress of day to day website management away, allowing me to concentrate on my main work and have become an invaluable part of my team. A pleasure to work with, they have saved me time and money and I cannot recommend them enough!"

Bridget Tann - bridgetdesigns.co.uk

"Such a great service! After a year of building and maintaining our company website, I ran into a problem that was beyond my skills, and Jason has been a complete sanity-saver. Friendly, helpful service, speedy response times and easy-to-understand information at every stage of the way. As well as being very relieved to get everything back on track, it's also been reassuring to find a company we can turn to if we have problems (or just need advice) again in the future."

Kirsty Neale - visabase.co.uk

"Jason and the team have been worth every penny of the monthly support fee. When issues arise with my website, their response time is rapid, and the faults are rectified quickly.

They also do the annoying regular maintenance like updates, and keep back-up copies of the site. It's all very reassuring, and this service helps to keep my stress levels low when issues arise."

Susannah Davda - The Shoe Consultant Ltd

"WP Manager have been essential to the running of my business, taking care of security updates, providing feedback and advice and taking on technical projects - if they can’t do it either they always suggest somewhere who can.

I’ve worked with them for years, before I ran this company and the service was always consistent, friendly and approachable. I highly recommend them!"

Ruth - Ruthy Doolittle

"We couldn't be happier with the support of WP Manager. We've found them to be extremely knowledgeable and responsive to the demands of our charity. Any issues with our website, large or small, have been dealt with quickly and with little or no down time.

The team is friendly and adaptable to our needs, which can change quickly, and they're always happy to assist with improving our website's speed and functionality. We're very happy with the service we receive."

Alan Lewis, Carers Support West Sussex

"Had a nasty malware infection that brought our site to a stand still. WP Manager quickly and efficiently found a solution.

Implementing further security defenses to ensure it doesn't happen again! Since then WP Manager have helped me with numerous questions, queries and concerns. Couldn't recommend more!"

Liam, Small Pond

"WP Manager have been supporting us for some time now. Unlike some companies we have worked with they offer a much more personable service, have always been very quick and efficient at resolving issues and helping us maintain and update our website.

I feel they have always gone the extra mile for us and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Darren Long - FleetMPS

"Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. We never have to worry about our websites. Of course we sometimes have problems but when you have a team of professionals like WP Manager to turn to, you really don't need to worry. Quick and efficient responses and solutions make the service invaluable to us. We can concentrate on our business and rest assured that WP Manager has our back. WP Manager do not just solve problems, they are proactive in making our website better. Better speed, better content and better SEO."

Chris, baxbotanics.com

Let our expert team secure and optimise your WordPress website.

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