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October 11, 2017
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WordPress Security Plugins
December 1, 2017

No SSL green padlock? Chances are it is down to insecure content..


So you have made the jump to ‘HTTPS’, it was a wise decision, however, you’re still are not seeing the SSL Secure green padlock! How fustrating…

70% of the time this issue occurs because of insecure content and its usually pretty easy to fix!

What is the insecure content error and how can I fix it?

If some of your content is still being served through ‘http://’ it is therefore not secure, and your browser will pick up on this.

In some cases it could be one image or a stylesheet that still links through to http:// rather than serving through https:// that may cause this issue.

This will flag as “insecure content” and is usually the reason you’re not fully Https SSL secure after swapping over.

How do I investigate if I have insecure content?

First off there are a few ways to tackle and investigate the Insecure content issue. If you use Google Chrome, you can do so by using the Inspect Element tab in Developers tools.

Wp Manager


Simple right click on your webpage.

Click Inspect Element > “Console”

You will see any flagged errors or warnings in the top right of the console which will usually lead you to the issue.

Alternatively you can use the Why No Padlock tool which is fantastic at flagging any urls that are still sending through an insecure link. It is a great tool in detecting any insecure content in your browser.

Why no Padlock?

I have insecure content – now what?

If you have had insecure links flagged, they are usually pretty easy to fix. First off, find the file / source location and you can then tweak and resolve from there, changing the http to https:// should resolve this issue.

If you need any assistance in resolving your Insecure Content or Https Error contact us today  we will be happy to assist you!

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