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If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you have been searching about how to get rid of the new “Gutenberg” wordpress editor that comes with WordPress 5.0 and you wouldn’t be alone.

For some, the new Gutenberg editor is a little treat in regards to page and content styling. However, Gutenberg isn’t free of conflicts and added to that not every theme is yet “Gutenberg / WordPress 5.0 ready”. The reviews heavily back this at current with Gutenberg only ranking 2.3 out of 5. The general concensous being that in its current release, Gutenberg just isn’t a seamless switchover on a live website.

If like us you’re a fan of Visual composer – then the release of this new editor could potentially cause more harm than good. Eitherway, there is an easy solution.

Disable Gutenberg

To disable Gutenberg:

Whether you are looking to disable for good, or would just like to temporarily rid yourself of the worry for the time being (whilst every theme and plugin play catch up) it’s very easy to do

  1. Go to plugins and download the disable Gutenberg plugin
  2. Install the pluginand click activate – et voila!
  3. That’s it! The plugin will use the default settings to start with which will disable the Gutenberg editor and fully restore the classic editor. (However if you go to Settings » Disable Gutenberg page you can also configure the settings to your desire, handy for example if you only want to disable the new editor on posts and pages)

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