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April 25, 2018
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January 26, 2019
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WordPress Repair Service – The WP Manager Package

Wordpress Repair Service - WP Manager

The WordPress Repair Service


We have all been there. You’re making an edit on a webpage, or just updating some of the extensions and then suddenly… boom… error. Pull your hair out time has commenced! Well here’s some good news – WP Manager specialises in WordPress Support and Maintenance services. With 20 years of experience under our belts, our team are ready to help – so you can utilise your time where you need to instead – because time as we know is precious.


So… what’s the next step?

Do you need a wordpress repair service / a quick fix?

If you have ran into an error – then chances are you need to look at our wordpress tweaks package, this is a one off hourly to assist you at your time of need! No subscription required WordPress Repair Service

If however, you are finding that this is a regular occurence, it could be down to your WordPress maintenance. It may be work subscribing to our WP Manager Guardian plan – where we will maintain your site framework, plugins and secure your set up, additionally it also means a discount on tweaks and repair hourlies so savings all round!


Wordpress Repair Services - WP Manager

No time to update your website plugins and keep everything ticking over?


Well – if you find you haven’t the time to update and maintain your wordpress website – then look no further than our WP Manager Guardian Plan

The WP Manager plan means all of your plugins, themes and framework will be maintained and monitored for just £29.99 a month you can take away any WordPress maintenance hassle!


Wordpress Repair Service - WP Manager

Kelly Lloyd
Kelly Lloyd
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