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The WP Manager Affiliate Program

WP Manager Affiliate Scheme

We are excited to announce that in the upcoming months we will unveiling our very own WP Manager WordPress Maintenance Affiliate Program online.

The WP Manager Affiliate Scheme will allow you refer clients, blog readers, friends and customers and earn a commission from us whenever they sign up for a subscription (through a unique affiliate referral link).

To celebrate our launch offer will be 50% commission on the first month price of each subscription signed up.

Here’s a little idea of just what it could bring into your bank account – in just 1 month!

Commission Earnings Example

 Guardian Plan - Sign ups £29.99 (at Launch Commission 50%)Wordpress/Woo Commerce Manager - Sign ups £49.99 (at Launch Commission 50%)Total Possible Commission Earnings*
2 Sign ups2 Sign ups£77.98
*Commission Earnings depend and vary upon Commission Value - Launch Commission set at 50%



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