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The importance of a stable WordPress Page Builder

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Most themes these days come with a visual builder or wordpress page builder, in order to assist wordpress users to create something magical. Where the magic stops however, is when the wordpress composer is not stable, not well known or even worse, abandoned.

We have seen a rise in themes creating their own dedicated wordpress composer to work inline with their own theme framework. However, this isn’t always a good thing as it could possibly restrict you in migrating to another theme in the future.

Wordpress Page Builder

Here are a few of our quick tips to ensure you’re on the right road when it comes to your website development:

  • If you have a theme that has it’s own wordpress page builder – it goes without saying – you need to ensure your theme is regularly updated. Check the releases through a reliable theme directory such as for further information.
  • Check to see if the theme limits you to ONLY using the theme framework builder (we have see this now a few times and it could really restrict things as you go forward)
  • Ask whether it is possible to use a stable and updated 3rd party wordpress page builder. We recommend
  • If in doubt, look for a theme that works with a 3rd party builder. Most do due to supporting new releases because the theme framework is usually large enough for the developer to support. In the case that the theme uses a 3rd party builder, it usually means you have more flexibility in case things go wrong in the future. (Most 3rd party composers come with the oppotunity to export/ import which means you can move to another theme with ease. )
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