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May 22, 2017
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July 4, 2017

White Label WordPress Solutions

WP Manager provides WordPress Maintenance for agencies

Whether you’re a web designer, freelance developer, digital agency or marketing business. WP Manager’s WordPress Maintenance Services can really help expand your revenue streams and extra value to your current client base. WordPress Maintenance for agencies doesn’t have to be complicated. We provide simple solutions that work for all.


wordpress maintenance for agencies

Who can re-sell our services

WP Manager’s WordPress Maintenance services are very popular with web designers, developers, agencies, creative businesses, freelancers, marketing specialists, SEO experts, B2B professionals and social media guru’s.  You don’t have to be an agency either. We’ve had various partners and re-sellers ranging from accountants to holistic therapy professionals.

Will it be useful?

Yes. For your clients they will have their websites properly maintained and have you to thank for that. For you, it’s another revenue stream and added value proposition, which can be scaled and managed with relative ease. WordPress has become so popular and given it’s growth rate, offering a WordPress service such as this can really help you grow your business.

How does it work?

We maintain your clients websites on your behalf, under your brand. You invoice your clients and we invoice you. Simples. There is no communications between us and your client on our White-label Maintenance Services.

 wordpress maintenance for agencies

How can I find out more?

Check out our White Label WordPress Maintenance for agencies here.
Once you’ve registered your interest, we will send you a white-label guide with more information.

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