East Anglia Dog Rescue

April 12, 2018

Giving Back – East Anglia Dog Rescue

Read about our latest project to support East Anglia Dog Rescue.

Some background

East Anglia Dog Rescue help strays, dealing directly with the stray kennels to help find the dogs rescue spaces within our rescue foster network, or other like-minded rescues.

EADR are a non-destruct local foster based dog rescue covering the East Anglia region. They take on stray dogs from council pounds, as well as owner surrenders. EADR neuter all our dogs and cover them for life under our rescue back up.

Holly Maitland founded and ran One Dog At a Time-East Anglia rescue for several years, whilst having worked in rescue for many more. Leanne McWade got involved with One Dog At a Time -East Anglia rescue through adopting a dog, from which she became very involved in the running of the rescue itself.

As a result they founded East Anglia Dog Rescue jointly.

east anglia dog rescue

Having met Holly some time back, I could see how much of an impact she and Leanne were having. They worked tirelessly to help dogs find new homes or on many occasions prevented dogs from being put down, often at their own personal expense of time and money.

We always love to give back at WP Manager, so we decided to help setup a website for East Anglia Dog Rescue free of charge.

How you can help.

Checkout the East Anglia Dog Rescue website. Any donations you can make will be very helpful, if you can’t donate, share the website URL, like the facebook page and spread the word of what they do.

The rescue relies on your support and donations to continue the work they do. So whether it’s a donation, fundraising event, corporate sponsorship, fostering or adopting a dog – take action and make a big difference.

Visit the EADR website:   https://eastangliadogrescue.co.uk/

Like them on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/EastAngliaDogRescue/

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