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Frequently Asked Questions

1I need help now, how do I get started?
Simply choose a support plan and send us your details. We'll be in touch quickly, usually within 2 hours. You can then send us a request by our dedicated support system at any time - 24/7. Alternatively, you can order a WordPress Hourly if you just need one single WordPress tweak or problem solved.
2What types of tasks can you do for me?
We can make content updates, theme or stylesheet adjustments, add new plugins, configure forms, menu's, add blog posts, content population, image manipulation, creation of basic graphics (buttons, banners etc), wordpress consulting, optimisation of CSS and images, theme audits, SEO Optimisation, plugin audits, we can also speed up your site and much more. From code to general WordPress issues, we have you covered. Please note: Website re-designs, landing page design, custom plugin development, php implementation and custom theme development are not included as part of this support service. If you require more advanced development such as re-designs or landing pages, we may be able to complete these through our WordPress Tweaks Packages.
3Can you do "a specific task" for me?
If you are not sure whether we can take on a specific task, just ask us. We'll quickly get back to you on whether it's something that is in the scope of our support service. If it's not, we'll advise you on an alternative solution.
4What experience do you have?
Our team has been working with WordPress for a long time. Before deciding to focus exclusively on WordPress support, we built hundreds of websites, apps and e-commerce stores over the course of the last 15 years. We’ve built our own themes and plugins from scratch and know WordPress inside and out.
5I'm interested but have a few more questions. Who can help me?
Simply contact us by email and we’ll be happy to talk with you about any questions or queries you may have.
6What is your response time?
You can expect quick responses from our support team. We work very hard to ensure your support tasks are completed quickly, when you log a ticket or task with us, we always aim to get back to you within 24 hours maximum. On most occasions, you'll get a reply within 2 hours on average, sometimes even quicker!
7Are there any hidden fees?
No! We don't have any sign-up, cancellation or other hidden charges. The only price you pay is the price of your monthly subscription support plan.
8What information will you need from me?
In order to get started, we'll need your WordPress Admin details and FTP details. You can either send us your current login details or create a new user for us to help maintain your WordPress site. Many people choose to create another admin user for us - e.g - wpmanager. We will guide you through the whole process. It usually takes about 2 hours to have registered and be receiving full professional wordpress support with WP Manager.
9Why should I trust you to maintain my WordPress site?
We love WordPress and have years of experience working in it. From themes and plugins to general WordPress maintenance. We really value our customers, your trust is important to us and so is our reputation. Although our team also has experience in other technologies and areas such as responsive web design and search engine optimisation, it's our WordPress expertise that will really provide you value and that's what sets us apart from general maintenance, web design and I.T companies.
10Do you support multiple sites?
Our monthly support packages are for one WordPress website only. But you can sign-up for as many websites as you like.
11Do you offer a white-label / reseller service?
We do offer a white label service. Social Media, Marketing Companies and Web Design and various companies can benefit from our WordPress Support and Maintenance plans. Contact us for full details.
12What happens if I want to leave. How do I cancel? Are there any fees?
You can cancel your package at any time without any costs or hidden fees. You are not required to stay with us, we’d actually prefer you have the option to leave if you are unhappy with our service and give us feedback on how we can improve our Services, if we truly cannot resolve an issue for you. If you are unhappy and would like to leave, simply e-mail us with your cancellation request or in the form of a support ticket. If you do wish to cancel, please ensure you cancel your subscription prior to the next billing date to avoid future charges. Service will continue until the end of the current billing period, but no service fees will be refunded for the current billing period.
13What happens if I have used my plans hourly allowance but need more help or support?
If it's a regular thing, we may recommend upgrading to the next package. if that's something you would rather not do, don't worry, you can order an hourly if it's just a small task. Clients on our support plans can order additional hours outside of their allocated plan limits. If you need more extra work done, simply visit our WordPress tweaks section, you can book extra development hours, simply provide us some information on what you need done and book your selected tasks.
14How much development stuff can you do in an hour?
Probably a lot more than you may think. Plenty of time to add blog posts, change banners, connect plugins, change fonts, colours etc. We keep a record of how much time we use so we can tell you accurately if we think we may need more than your packages usually allows. There are also several other improvements we could make. For example, speeding up the site load time, performing some on-site optimisation to help your search result position (google etc), improving server response time, optimising your file structure. To put it simply, we can make your site fast and effective.
15Can you host my WordPress site?
We don't offer WordPress hosting but if you are looking for a host for your WordPress website, we can make some recommendations. As part of our monthly support plans and WooCommerce plans, we provide backups. This has on several occasions been vital for our clients, who have had trouble obtaining backups from their hosting providers. Many WordPress maintenance and support companies will simply host you on a shared re-seller plan, performance on these plans is usually pretty poor and that's not the way we like to operate at WP Manager. On these shared re-seller host packages, the majority of maintenance tasks such as backups and updates are covered in the hosting plan. So you're effectively paying your maintenance company to do nothing!
16What happens if I don't use my package hours?
If you haven't submitted to us any specific tasks you'd like completed, we'll suggest some pro-active services instead. For example, checking through plugins and your theme to make sure you are safe and up to date, improving site performance or providing you with an SEO report for your site. You'll never waste your support hours. We'll just use them pro-actively to ensure you are getting value for money and that your WordPress/WooCommerce website is continually improving and growing.

Our Team

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Super-geek, coder, WordPress Wizard and general problem solver. Passionate about technology and helping others.


Designer, coder, mother and fashion innovator. Her wide range of skills help create amazing customer experiences.


Traveler and experienced developer. When he's not busy fixing bugs or optimising sites for our clients, Chris also loves to play cricket.


Artist, designer and developer. Bridget prides herself on building original, creative WordPress designs.

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Dozens of WordPress sites and WooCommerce owners rely on us

"WP Manager maintain our website for us, handling any maintenance, security and optimisation. They are professional, helpful and in my opinion the best in the biz."

Ancienne Ambiance -

"WP Manager is amazing. We're so pleased with the service and are blessed to have found them. They handle and maintain our complex website and create things for us."

Kim Shotola -

"I am a small consultancy business and have used several web developers and support services in the past all of which have left me feeling I had no choice but to use their services. WP manager was different. The pricing is really straight forward and reasonable, Jason is so easy to talk to and I had lots of little questions I needed answers to and he just helped me all the way. I would recommend him to my closest friends and business colleagues."

Jason Bloomfield -

"Such a great service! After a year of building and maintaining our company website, I ran into a problem that was beyond my skills, and Jason has been a complete sanity-saver. Friendly, helpful service, speedy response times and easy-to-understand information at every stage of the way. As well as being very relieved to get everything back on track, it's also been reassuring to find a company we can turn to if we have problems (or just need advice) again in the future."

Kirsty Neale -

"WP manager have helped us through the difficult 'birth' of our new website and I cannot thank them enough. Whilst others ummed and aarghed or tried to pull the wool over our eyes WP manager gave us clear advice and practical help culminating in a very successful launch.They continue to manage the site, keeping it right up to date, safe and backed up, whilst helping us improve it every month. Their response times are fast, their service super friendly and efficient leaving me to run our business without website worries."

Chris Bax -

Let our friendly team protect and optimise your WordPress site.

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